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Prada "Re-Edition 1995" bag
Every office worker needs a briefcase for formal occasions. When you see the "Re-Edition 1995" handbag launched by Prada this time, different images may come to mind. It may be an office worker holding a Prada black handbag https://www.espurse.ru in his left hand and gnawing bread in his right hand, hurriedly crossing the crowded street. The sidewalk; it may also be a modern workplace person dressed in a black suit and stepping on kitten heels. The 1995 Prada red handbag is slung over one shoulder, and the neat file arrangement can be vaguely seen at the mouth of the bag.

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This Prada "Re-Edition 1995" handbag successfully escapes the stereotype of the old-fashioned briefcase with its minimalist design. It has a safe and reliable seal, and has a large capacity without swelling. It can store the documents or objects needed in the office in an orderly manner, which meets the work needs of almost all working people.

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Inspired by the original handbags from the Prada Autumn/Winter 1995 collection, the handbag https://www.allpurse.ru is crafted with precision craftsmanship to reveal a pure silhouette and a streamlined aesthetic, a tribute to the minimalist aesthetics of its birth year. The straight bottom is complemented by decorative raw edges for a sophisticated, compact geometry and precision engineering. The elegant square cut is the hallmark of the handbag. The design is only embellished with the Prada classic logo on the front of the handbag, and the 1995 key chain hanging from the handle shows a simple and elegant style.
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Prada's Spring/Summer 2022 collection reimagines classic silhouettes from exquisite glossy leather. The bag is available in 3 versatile colors, including black, white and red, and is decorated with the "Prada Re-Edition 1995" logo, a tribute to the pure original. , re-engraved, re-interpreted, transformed, a tribute to a new era.

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